Ageratum spp: An excellent therapeutic medicinal plant

Ageratum spp. are medicinal weed plant. Two varieties Ageratum houstonianum Mill and Ageratum   conyzoides   are   very common   and   using   in   the   medicinal   field. Ageratum houstonianum Mill plant is ubiquitously found in every continent of the world. It is commonly known as Blue mink. Whereas Ageratum conyzoides Mill. is commonly known as blue billygoatweed and jungali pudina or appa grash in hindi. In India these are found everywhere in the tropical region. This weed plant have several medicinal properties such as antioxidant, phenolics, flavonoids, anti-diabetic, antimicrobial etc. The bioactive compounds of Ageratum Mill plants commercially used to treat several health problems such as wound healing. Recently blue mink has been screened for its antimicrobial and mosquitocidal activities. In this review authors have tried to summarize the bioactive compounds of medicinal values from the Ageratum spp. and their medicinal uses for human welfare.