Formulation and Quality Analysis of Multigrain Cookies

The bakery industry is a traditional and growing food industry that is providing huge demand for convenient foods like biscuits, cookies, cakes, etc. Cookies are flat and crispy bread with meager moisture and are made of generally wheat or refined wheat flour along with various other ingredients. The demand for fibre and minerals-rich multigrain cookies is high and this demand inspired the preparation of Multigrain Cookies. The present investigation attempts to formulate higher nutritional value cookies with added health benefits by adding Ragi flour, brown rice flour and oats flour with whole wheat flour. In the present study samples, A, B, C and D were formulated in which multigrain cookies were prepared by using Whole Wheat Flour: Ragi flour: Oats Flour: Brown rice Flour (WF: RF: OF: BF) in the ratio of (75:50:25:10, 50:25:75:10, 25:75:50:10, 50:50:50:10) respectively. It was found that among all Samples sample B scored higher in flavor (6.8), color (7.45), appearance (7.6), and overall acceptability (7.6) and was considered the optimized product. The ash, titrable acidity, pH and moisture percent of Sample B were found to be 0.78%, 0.13%, 7.4, and 3.07% respectively. Later sample B is get treated with FTRI, SEM tests.