Production and analysis of legumes based chunks

Legumes and pulses are rich sources of protein. Chunks are good source of protein for vegan diet. Chunks can prepared with soyabean , legumes and vegetables. Theobjective of present study was to prepare and analyses preserved chunks.The study established the pH7.40 this pH was maintained by proper dehydration. Moisture content of the green gram chunks 10% andsoya chunks 15% Moisture content of gram flour chunk is 10%. Therefore, this is the reason of the variation in moisture present in the chunks. Water absorption capacity of domestic chunk is 8gm in total 100 gram chunks.Protein content of gram flour chunk is 5. 13% and that of soya chunk is 5.3%.Chunks are dried product of green gram, gram flour and soya bean which can prepared by soaking, drying and mixing of pulses and spices. This chunk is good option for protein source and can be alternate for food processing industry.

Key words: soya bean , chunks , water absorption capacity, moisture level, Protein test