Study of Drying characteristics of Terminalia bellirica and feasibility analysis of locally built solar dryer

The present article is focused on the evaluation of economic and efficiency feasibility of solar dryer for drying Terminalia bellirica. In addition total useful energy required for drying Terminalia Bellirica (bahera) is also evaluated. In this perspective a lab scale, low cost natural convective solar dryer was locally fabricated. Different parameters viz. amount of moisture content, total energy required for drying, the annual costs of drying per kg and efficiency of dryer was evaluated. The initial and final moisture content was found to be 61% and 1% respectively on wet basis. The total useful energy required for the drying the product was found 0.73 MJ. The annual costs of drying per kg and unit cost of useful energy was evaluated to be Rs.14.57 and the efficiency of drying of dryer has been found to be 7.44% for Terminalia Bellirica.