A Brief Review on UV-Visible Spectroscopy of Nanostructured Ferrite Materials

Abstract: With the growing technology of semiconducting materials, it is essential to understand the photonic properties of materials. Optical absorption measurements of materials are widely used to evaluate the parameters such as the absorption coefficient, band gap energy, and lifetime of excited state, etc.UV-Visible spectroscopy is the tool to analysethe optical behaviour of materials. Ferritesare both thermally and chemically stable ferrimagnetic materials which consisting of the properties of semiconducting materials that have been used for numerous electronic applications. Optical behaviour of ferrites refers to the study of their interaction with light and extracting information about band gap, refractive index, absorption coefficient, etc.From the absorption spectra of ferrites it was confirmed that they can absorb considerable amount of UV and visible lightdue to which it recivedenormous interest from researchers to apply as a photocatalyst in organic/inorganic dye degradation, pollutant removal from wastewater, etc.This review provides an overview of UV-Visible spectra of ferritesalongwiththe qualitative and quantitative analysis of commonly used ferrites in photocatalytic activity.