Adsorption properties of Biomass Ash/ Graphene Oxide Composite for the Removal of Copper from Industrial Waste Water

Biomass ash is a complex inorganic-organic mixture with polycomponent, heterogenous or byproduct from biomass feedstock shows adsorption capacity for heavy metals and could be economical and environment friendly adsorbent. Graphene oxide (GO) are efficient adsorbent for removal of dyes, metal ions and toxic compounds. When biomass ash is used as composite formation along with Graphene Oxide then its adsorption capacity is enhanced. In the present work, Biomass ash on Graphene oxide base composite adsorbent (GO-g-BA) is synthesized for the effective removal of Cu (II) ions present in industrial waste water. They were characterized by FTIR, UV, FESEM and adsorption was studied by employing AAS with variables like pH. The results showed that BA-g-GO composite is an efficient adsorbent with 55.7 % for Cu(II) at pH 4.5. GO-g-BA composite was significant adsorbent for the removal of Cu(II) ions present in wastewater.

Keywords:Biomass ash; Graphene oxide; Composite.