Green Synthesis of AgO Nanoparticles by Using Aegle Marmelos (Linn) Rind Peel Extract and Its Potential Applications

Green method of synthesis of nanoparticles (NPs) is growing field of science & technology. During the last few decades the use of these nanoparticles in various fields have been increased tremendously. Due to very wide range of application of metal oxide nanoparticles the interest of researcher in this field is growing rapidly. Various Research work in this aspect has shown how one can utilize this technology to its full capabilities. So, a variety of methods including biological, chemical and physical were applied for advancement of metal nanoparticals. In this proposed research work we are trying to provide a clean eco-friendly approach of the synthesis of very popular and one the most useful silver nanoparticles. We have characterized the green synthesized nanoparticles by using various standard analytical tools like UV visible spectroscopy, FTIR and SEM analysis. We also evaluated the antioxidant property of the synthesized nanoparticles by using the available standard procedure.