Lockdown Dynamics and COVID-19 Transmission: A Comparative Analysis in India and Beyond

Similar to other nations, India has grappled with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in a Chinese city in December 2019. The impact of this contagion extends across diverse domains, encompassing the profound loss of human lives-India has already recorded over 4 lakh deaths—economic ramifications, disruptions in academic institutions, and various other sectors. This research is designed to scrutinize the influence of lockdown measures on the spread of the coronavirus, both in India and other countries. Data pertaining to COVID-19 cases and the duration of lockdowns has been compiled for India and other nations that implemented such measures before, during, and after specified dates. Employing statistical methodologies, the study draws inferences from the COVID data encompassing daily new cases, active cases, and daily death occurrences. The objective is to unravel the nuanced relationship between lockdown strategies and the trajectory of COVID-19 transmission in different countries, with a specific focus on the Indian context.