Peroxynitrite-induced oxidation and nitration products of Penciclovir: Structures and mechanisms of product formation

Peroxynitrite is a very good oxidizing agent which is formed by the reaction of nitric oxide with super oxide. There are so many works are reported which clearly indicate that peroxynitrite react with lipid protein and DNA. In our present work we report the oxidation of a very well known antiviral drug penciclovir by peroxynitrite. The oxidation of our selected drug was achieved by refluxing the drug with sodium nitrite, the progress of the reaction was monitored by thin layer chromatography and the product of the reaction was isolated by column chromatography. We also purposed the probable mechanism of the formation of different product.


Key words: Penciclovir, Peroxynitrite, Antiviral drug, Thin layer Chromatography.