Potential Use of Medicinal plants for Dengue: A Systematic Mini review of Scientific Evidence

Mosquito-borne diseases caused illness in approximately 700 million people per year globally. Dengue (DENV) is a one of them mosquito-borne emerging viral disease endemic prominently in many urban areas of tropical countries. Nature has provided us with various resources to fight and recover from such infectious diseases. This review focuses on the understanding of dengue, potential anti dengue activity and insecticidal activity of various medicinal plants. Further laboratory investigations and more research are needed to establish the product which having potential to control dengue disease. Thus, the development of a traditional medicinal plant-based antiviral product assures a more possible choice in combating dengue infection which may be replacement of inadequate drug with side effective.

Keywords: Anti-dengue activity, Dengue, Insecticidal activity, Medicinal plants