A Review on Novel Edible Coatings for fresh- cut Fruit and Vegetable

Consumption of F & V has been associated with diverse health interest. Fruits and vegetables can be consumed in both forms   either processed or fresh.   Consumption & production of minimal processed foods has acquired increasing demand in the market. Due to changes in life -style of consumers fresh-cut F &V are gaining popularity. However, it summons for fresh or minimal processed F & V   by maintaining the properties of fresh-cut products for a extended time period.  Fresh-cut products has a much bigger surface to cut & accordingly having less shelf-life.  Rejection of the product by consumers is due to some quality issues such as flavor, color, firmness, juiciness & loss of moisture lead to shorter shelf- life. Recent  Developments in edible coatings & packaging technology  for foods have shown encouraging  results in prolonging  the shelf-life of fresh-cut F & V . A solution for preserving the fruits & vegetable is coating with edible films. Therefore, this article reviews the scope of fresh-cut fruits & vegetables and extending its shelf-life by means of  edible coating. Edible coatings can be composed  of different substances of various types. These can be grouped together into proteins, carbs &lipids-based coatings &their characteristics.