Blending scenarios for microalgae biodiesel with waste cooking oils biodiesel, Butanol and Indian petro-diesel as an alternative fuel for diesel engines

Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), decided to blend at least 20% biofuels with diesel and petrol by 2017. Biodiesel has obtained from algal oils and waste cooking oil that have been considered as a promising alternate fuel.In this study, the feasibility of biodiesel production from microalgaeChlorella singularisand waste cooking oil has been investigated. The physico–chemical characteristics of the produced biodiesel were studied according to the standards methods of analysis (ASTM) and evaluated according to their fuel properties as compared to Indian petro-diesel. The obtained results showed that; C2+A2+B8+D88 blended biodiesel of algae and cooked oil showed that the high oxidation stability and higher load carrying. The observed properties of the blends were within the recommended petro-diesel standard specifications and they are in favor of better engine performance.


Key words: Microalgae;waste cooking oils; biodiesel; Butanol; Indian petro-diesel.